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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the FAQ below for help before contacting us.

The self-measure form doesn't go up to my size. What do I do?

If you are a large size that exceeds the options in the self-measure form - we highly recommend you use a tailor that offers a full fitting service. Unfortunately, at this time Goodalls Tailors do not offer a fitting service.

What if my Mess Dress doesn't fit?

We know this is a concern for customers but if you follow the measure guide carefully everything should be OK. In the event you are not happy with the fit of your Mess Dress uniform we will happily make the alterations required.

Full details of our no-quibble guarantee can be found here

Can I visit to get measured?

As a busy workshop we are not able to accept visitors. Prices quoted on the website are online prices only and do not include a charge for measuring.

I have just been promoted and i'm not sure what I need?

You can find everything you need for your mess dress on your regiment page. Please select your regiment on the home page with the addition of any specialist badges and miniature medals everything you will need can be found on the page with your uniform.

Select your regiment here

I just need trousers for my mess dress. Do you sell separates?

At this time we do not sell separates online. If you are looking to replace a single item of your three piece mess uniform we recommend you visit a military tailor as each garment needs to be cut to match.

I'm getting married. Do you make children's uniforms for page boys?

Congratulations! Unfortunately, we do not offer this service.

Do you sell second hand mess dress?

Occasionally, we sell uniforms that have been returned or never collected.

These will be listed in the clearance section.

My regiment is not listed. Does that mean you don't make mess dress for that regiment?

We have only listed the most commonly ordered mess dress.

Please contact us here to enquire about availability of your regiments mess dress.

Do you do alterations?

We don't normally do alterations. However, when you buy a new mess dress from us we offer a free alteration service for the first 30 days.

If you've purchased a mess uniform from us recently, please contact us here.

What is longest I can pay for my mess dress?

At this time we only offer re-payments over 3 months. Offering repayments over 3 months allows us to offer the service interest free and with no set-up fee.

What badges are included with my mess dress?

This will always be indicated on your regiments mess dress description. Most mess dress come with rank, collar and sleeve badges as required by the regiment specification. For some regiments we are unable to source the badges and you will need to acquire them yourself. Any skill badges you require will need to be purchased separately.

Follow this link for Skill Badges

Do you make ladies mess dress?

At this time we do not sell ladies mess dress on the website.

Please contact us to enquire about availability

Do you deliver to BFPO?

Yes, please use the updated BFPO postcode in the checkout.

Updated BFPO locations and postcodes can be found here

Do you make Service Dress?

No, we no longer make Service Dress as this is now provided by your regiment.

Do you do rentals?

No, we only make new made-to-measure mess dress.

Do you make No1 Dress?

No. We're sorry but at this time we no longer make No1 dress.

I am VAT exempt. How do I order without paying VAT?

Unfortunately, we are required by law to charge you VAT. However, we will refund all the VAT you paid on your order if you send us proof of your VAT exemption.

I am based overseas. Can I claim a VAT refund?

Yes. You will need to send us a copy of a bill or driving licence that proves you are based at a BFPO address.

Still Need Help?

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