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Help with Medal Mounting

General Guide to the Order of Wear

Order of wear listed from left to right of current and commonly awarded medals.

1. Orders and Decorations

Includes DSO and gallantry medals

2. Campaing Medals

Campaign Medals (Inc. Stars) mounted in the order of your participation.

Afghanistan (OSM)
GSM (with bars)
Gulf Medal (1990-91)
Iraq (Op Telic)
NATO (IFOR, ISAF, KFOR, Non-Article 5)
Op Shader Medal
Sierra Leone Medal
South Atlantic Medal
UN (Op Trenton)
UN Cypress

3. Jubilee Medals

Queens Silver Jubilee Medal (1977)
Queens Golden Jubilee Medal (2002)
Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012)
Queens platinum Jubilee Medal (2022)

4. Efficiency and Long Service Medals

Accumulated Campaign Service Medal
Accumulated Campaign Service Medal (2011)
Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
RAF Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
Police Long Service and Conduct Medal
Fire Brigade Long Service and Good Conduct
Volunteer Reserves Service Medal
Cadet Forces Medal

5. Other Medals

Ebola Medal

The full UK Guidelines can be found here

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you mount full size medals?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer this service.

What is Court Mounting?

Court mounting is a style of mounting where the medals are sewn onto a backing board to prevent the medals from 'jingling' around and is a requirement of the British Army's dress code. This type of mounting dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria.

Do you do Swing Mounting?

This style of mounting is only recommended for currently serving Royal Navy units including the Royal Marines. Court mounting is a safer and more secure method for wearing medals and is recommended for all British Army regiments. If you require your medals Swing Mounted please let us know.

Can you add my new miniature medal to my existing mounted medals?

Yes, although your medals need to be mounted as a full set you can submit an order for the re-mounting of your existing miniatures and add any new medals to be included and we will mount them all as a new set.

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