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Duke of Lancaster's NCO Mess Dress

Duke of Lancaster's NCO Mess Dress

Mens made-to-measure Duke of Lancaster's Regiment NCO Mess Dress. Full regiment spec includes: jacket, trouser and waistcoat (jacket, trouser and cummerbund for Cpl and L/Cpl ranks). Includes rank and buttons. Comes with free carry cover.


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Accessory Pack 1939

Accessory Pack 1939

Uniform brand 1939 pattern mess dress accessory pack. Includes all the dress accessories required to be worn with this uniform. This pack consists of high quality black leather George boots, Marcella dress shirt, ready made Bow Tie and white leather ended Braces.


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Miniature Medals

To complete your mess dress you will need to wear your awarded medals in miniature. Miniature medals should be Court Mounted and worn on the left breast of your mess dress jacket.

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