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Medal Mounting

Professional Court Mounting Service

All medals are cleaned and professionally court mounted on brooch pins. Ribbons are replaced where necessary and hand stitched to hard buckram board and with felt backing. Each medal is secured around the neck to prevent 'jangling'.

Miniature medal mounting costs £5.50 per medal.
Full size medal mounting costs £10.00 per medal.

For a quote and to book your medal mounting please complete the form below.

We are currently very busy and current wait times are up to 2 weeks

For full size medals we recommend only using a signed for delivery service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I collect my full size medals when they are ready?

Yes. Please let us know if you require this option and we will contact you when they are ready. Otherwise we will send your medals with our courier service.

Can I personally drop off my medals to be mounted?

Yes. In fact we highly recommend it for full size medals where it is convenient, otherwise please use a signed-for delivery service.

What is the maximum number of medals that can be mounted and do you overlap them?

For full size medals, when mounting more than 5 we will start to overlap them. This starts to reach the limit around 10-12 medals. We do not overlap miniatures.

What is Court Mounting?

Court mounting is a style of mounting where the medals are sewn onto a backing board to prevent the medals from 'jingling' around and is a requirement of the British Army's dress code. This type of mounting dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria.

Can I have my commemorative medals mounted with my issued medals.

If requested we can mount unofficial medals with your issued medals, but it is not recommended. Unofficial medals should be mounted separately and worn beneath your issued medals.

Do you do Swing Mounting?

This style of mounting is only recommended for currently serving Royal Navy units including the Royal Marines. Court mounting is a safer and more secure method for wearing medals and is recommended for all British Army regiments. If you require your medals Swing Mounted please let us know.

Can you add my new medal to my existing mounted medals?

Miniature and full size medals can only be mounted as full sets. You will need to have all your medals re-mounted.

Do you sell full size medals?

No. We sell miniature medals which are worn with mess dress.

Customer Reviews



I'm 100% very happy with the medal mounting miniatures. 5 star rating. Thank you. Would recommend to anyone serving or veteran.



A very efficient and speedy service with great customer service. Got a set of mounted medals to me at short notice in time for a mess function. Could not be more pleased. Many thanks.

Brian Coutts


"What a brilliant service just had my grandfather and great grandfathers medals mounted. Delighted with both sets. Wuick turn around too."

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